Lorenzo & Tania Sperlonga

Creative Directors & Co-Founders

Lorenzo specializes in Illustration, publishing , print photography, marketing and fine art.

Tania specializes in  Visually compelling design solution with a specialty for video editing, motion graphics for the entertainment industry.

Husband and Wife Business
with 25 years of experience.

And True  Artists!

We have an open mind and eye-catching solutions for your  unique projects!



GOING ROGUE MEDIA is a creative studio that loves to conceptualize, design and build experiences for people, brands and events.


We provide vision and strategy across a multitude of services;

from branding and graphic design to website development and user experience. Our favorite work is typically our latest, as we tend to talk our clients in to doing something new and fun.


We have many years of experiences working in the publishing business, the Art,  Comic Books, Entertainment, Video, Web Design, Photography and Marketing


Working independently for 25 years.

We are motivated, creative and we want to give you the best results possible.


We are located in North Hollywood, Los Angeles.


Our mission is to provide you with the print and visual medial you have in mind.

Eye-Catching and unique like you.


We have a full in house production company. We can generate your entire marketing campaign or just a simple project.


All those services created by us,  from beginning to end.


You will find easy to communicate with us, and we always pride ourself to stay reasonable and give you the best job possible.


You will not be disappointed in your choice when you decided to got with us.


Competitive Pricing and Fast Turn Around

We look forward to hear from you soon!


Tania & Lorenzo Sperlonga

Nothing is impossible, 
the word itself says 'I'm possible'! Audrey Hepburn

By the hour or by the project.


Everything will be determined at the beginning of the project.


$250 minimum - ($25-$100/ hour)

Rush Delivery available



"In my 25-year career as a fine art publisher and gallery owner, I have had the pleasure of meeting many talented men and women. Only a few truly stand out. Leaving an impression one can not forget.

Lorenzo is amongst the most creative genuine artists I have had the pleasure to work with and to get to know personally."

This young man whose energy and commitment to his work is boundless".

"After knowing Lorenzo and Tania Sperlonga for many years, it is my honest opinion that these two people are amazing.  They both have a keen eye for beauty and subtlety, color and contrast, and a creative style that is some of the best I’ve ever seen. They are both always so pleasant and professional to work with, have a very high work ethic, and are committed to excellence in their craft. I look forward to working with them again and passing their information on to potential clients."




"I couldn't be happier with the photos that Lorenzo & Tania took for me for my business!

They have such a genuine way of making you feel comfortable and at ease during the photo session

that really brings out the true you. The photos they took for me are some of the best photos I've

ever had taken. I highly recommend Going Rogue Media."



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